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  • The Village of Hope is finally online! Thanks to everyone who has collaborated.
  • 10 New children have been welcomed and accommodated since the beginning of the New Year.
  • The Village started the fish farm to improve sustainability to the project and to provide the most varied diet for our children.

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Adozione a distanza - Villaggio della Speranza
Il villaggio - Villaggio della Speranza
The hearth of our Village is represented by the welcoming homes of our little orphans affected by HIV

La scuola - Villaggio della Speranza
Education must, in our opinion, be one of the most important focuses for sustainable development in Tanzania and the rest of Africa
La maternità - Villaggio della Speranza
The first victims of HIV are children who contacted the disease through mother-to-child transmission (MTCT), either through childbirth or breastfeeding
Out Reach - Villaggio della Speranza
The Village of Hope offers its help also to children affected by HIV who don't live in the Village
Out reach
Nuovi progetti - Villaggio della Speranza
The Village of Hope is constantly growing in the attempt to accommodate the new children.

Nuovi progetti
La struttura - Villaggio della Speranza
The projects of village of Hope include school's facilities and community vegetable garden, fish farm, food hall, laundry...

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