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These days, there are 160 children accommodated in our village. Every house accommodates about 12 children. Italiano - Villaggio della Speranza English - Village of Hope

Our "family houses" (living quarters).

The Village of Hope was born as an effort to welcome, accommodate and provide shelter for orphans affected by HIV.

The children who arrive to the Village are orphans of their mother, father or both; some of them have been abandoned by their family or tribes because of the disease; all of them share the same faith of been infected by the HIV virus Our children arrive to the Village often under considerable strain, undernourished and some with evident signs of the disease.

Some of them have contracted the virus through mother-to-child transmission, others through personal violence. It is for that reason that children who come to our village are first of all welcomed with love. They are accommodated in 12 "family houses" located in the center of the village.

Every house accommodates about 12 children, a couple of parents who volunteer, and a nurse who takes care of them: all in an effort to replicate a family setting.

These days, there are 160 children accommodated in our village, from few months to 16 years old, all of which are medically treated, and psychologically and spiritually followed, so that they can spend their days in peace and serenity.


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